Friday, 27 February 2015

peer meditior

today in peer meditator we were walking around the junior  area and we had absolutely no problems it seemed to me every one was getting on fine other than that I got there on time    and so did all my group and we were able to change over fine

getting involed

today at lunch me and about half the class had an epic game of tag called gang up what you do is you star with one person in than when they tag some they are both in and so on until everyone is in
in the end it was so fun having about 6 rounds and overall I usually don't do those sorts of thing but it was really fun and would like to do it again :)

Friday, 20 February 2015

on the bus

at techongly  this week on the bus I talked quietly to the person beside me but at some points of the trip I could barley here her  since of the Nosie so this week I think I did a good job and sticked  to the rules  and I hope next week will be quieter

peer mediation

On Thursday I  did peer mediation  with Emma and Joe we sorted out  a few  things the first one we solved was with 2 girls and they were argument 1 girl wanted to play with the other cause she said yesterday she would   but the other one wanted to play with her other friend. Our solution to this was we would come just before we finished Juty  and tell them to swap after 10 minutes our other one  about a group who said that he could not play cause he had not been there when   they did black foot
but when we came over they said they would let them play

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

PALS leadership

Last week in PALS me and my group set up a game of  duck duck goose  with the kakono team we got about 15 people that seeming to have a great time.

some other year 7 and 8 helped out to  with was also great . Overall  I was really proud to be there in my orange jacket  helping out 

leadership Evidence

Last week at the house points game  I was a helper to room 19  and I had a small group with Zainab and we did all the things them like carry them with water to put in basket , helping them with the egg and spoon race and do the courses with them.

Overall I had a really fun day helping the younger kids out  and I really hope they had fun to.