Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Lauren and Honor Te Reo


Today at Pals I set up a game of sneak up granny until the rest of the people came when they did we let them play it by themselves.
With the rest of my group we set up a game of soccer we had about 15-20 kids all having an awesome time. in the end the score was 3-4 and we then gave pozis to the kids that won and a few others.
Overall I was really happy cause I had set up 2 games that both had a real awesome time.

Friday, 24 April 2015

Peer meditor

Today at peer mediator we had only one problems the first one was these boys
were pulling her hairs and the girl was mad. it took us a little to find everybody once we did we got all there sides of story and then  asked for there idea of a solution. they had no idea so we gave them an idea to spilt up. they agreed by shaking hands and going separate ways.
I was really happy about how it went.

Ledership- Help out around the school

Today at lunch when I went to go to library all the people that were meant to be on libaren  weren't there. So me, Zainab and Alicia did it.
by putting the books away and issuing the books.
Overall miss Ward was really happy  we could help. I was also happy I could help.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Ledership Goal

my Ledership goal for this term is.........

*is to get my Merit badge 

 how am I a going to Achive this?

 I am going to plan what I do each week 
Week 1:  PAL'S and help around school
Week 2:  help in junior area and library


Thursday, 2 April 2015

this is my art
I Think I got to relational  (I use several elements on my self portrait but i am not sure when and or why i use them)

Wednesday, 1 April 2015


Today at lunch time since it was week 9 and no one was on PALS me,Zainab and Alicia volunteer to do it in the end we got about 25-30 kids all wanting to do different things in the end we spilt them up in 2  groups I took a group with about 10 people doing duck duck goose well the others group did sneak up granny. My group seemed to have a real AWESOME and I had a great time too. 


Last week at Peer medetior we solved a few problems but before we could fish them they ran away. One them was this boy had kicked to girls we told them to take it to Juty teacher as it someone got hurt. We also had to tell a few kids off for being behind room 23 and 22 
Over all thee wasn't too much things to solve and all kids seemed happy in the playground