Thursday, 31 March 2016

Level 5 Author's Purpose

L5 Author’s Purpose follow up
I can describe the author's purpose in relation to structure and language choices in a text and give relevant evidence (eg vocabulary used)
I can compare and contrast differences in the author's purpose in relation to structure and language choices between different texts.
Text: Graffiti
The author’s purpose is persuade

The specific language/ structure choices that the author has made to support their purpose are..

Language -

1. they use different words to make their text different from others eg: simmering,pathetic

2.  he shows his anger by saying it and “pathetic and considers ‘dreadful

3.the author ask questions like who pays for graffiti? is graffiti acceptable?

1.they structure it like a letter making it seem like there talking to you and telling you personally what there opinion is

2. they have two different choices of letters making you torn between the choices

3.there is no obvious parking  since it's a letter there is no spacing mainly because its shows the whole point across the letter and no other topics

Specific language choices in the 3 texts:
Structure of the 3 texts:

  • They all used difficult or scientific language.
  • They were well edited with no mistakes so all the information was correct and reliable
  • They used strong reliable facts to make their point.
  • They all ask rhetorical questions


  • They added pictures, graphs or charts to prove their points further.
  • They were organised in some way be it in paragraphs or groups of words separated my pictures.
  • They organised the texts so the reader could read and access the information easily.
The author’s purpose is inform

The specific language/ structure choices that the author has made to support their purpose are..


1. the tile draws you making people think could he really exist in real life ? making them interested to read more

2.  they seem to be battling between he does exist and her dosen’t. having different researchers saying we’d be to heavy or we’d be perfect because for size

3.they use more casual language and not a s complicated eg:skitter

1.they show picture,videos and graphs relating to the text

2. they have opposing paragraphs about the different researchers  saying about how they agree but in the next they disagree

They structured it similar to a blogpost so that it was easy to read and making it more accessible.


The real

The author’s purpose is inform

The specific language/ structure choices that the author has made to support their purpose are.


1. There choice is using specific words and having references so there know what they mean eg: figment ,glen,meager

2.  there words are obviously well  researched but are friendly enough so kids would know them

3.they used rhetorical question  like do you believe this?What if this was real?

1.their structure seems to mini preshaping but are all content in some way

2. they have photos of teeth and photos of the king kong to prove it really happen and real life sightings and shows graphs

3.they structured it in people points then in information


  • They are all have a different style of writing and formatting expressing their point quite differently
  • The second and last text addressed the viewers as fans and the middle one addresses them as ‘personas’.
  • The last text shows graphs and charts but the other texts only include pictures.


One of them was written like a letter another like a news report and the other like a blog post.
  • The first text has emotive text but the others only include scientific and technical language.

I was in the year 9/10 reading group and had to make a sheet and chose a text to read and had to choose which of the PIE it was in then make three reasons for each of the structure and language and display them in the sheet
WALT: Apply Striking and Fielding activities in a range of sports and activities.

My Strengths

The striking strategies I was able to effectively demonstrate during the games we played were keep your eye on the ball at all times, have a good firm grip on the ball and to stand side on.

The throwing and catching strategies I was able to effectively demonstrate during the games we played were to to stand side on, cup your hands and make sure you have soft hands and finally to step  for more power.

My Next Steps

To improve my striking I need to keep my eye on the ball because sometimes I got distracted and then the ball came flying towards me and I didn't have time to react.

To Improve my catching and fielding I need to is to cup my hands because I need to not rely on instantly catching it.

The game that I enjoyed the most was rounders because It was really fun and it helped improve my skills alot.

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Know the equivalent decimals and percentages to everyday fractions

W.A.L.T: Know the equivalent decimals and percentages to everyday fractions

The answer is 4.50 because you should always know the answer starts with 4 so far we've got 4. now for the second part 1/2 so you have to figure what is half of 100 which is 50 so that mean the answer 4.50

The answer is 90% because you pretty much need to switch  the numbers so if I did that its 90%

My next step is to move on to statistics and get goals about that

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

W.A.L.T: I can evaluate

Lauren & Austin Evaluating Information Chart

Today we had to read up on different peoples option on the flag then typing it up on a doc which is shown above for the doc we had to write down each peoples opinions from each opposing sides writing from each side.
Finding key points to put in then choosing which category to put it out of :

Common Knowledge

Personal Opinion
Expert Opinion
Then highlighting it to show what you thought.
Overall it went pretty well I we got it done in good time and I learnt alot about what people thought of the flag.

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Libarren- Can do merit

On Tuesday Xathe didn't turn up so I filled in for her with Emma shelving some books then going down to the juniors to read we had quite a good outcome with about 10-15 kids split between us and about another 5 just reading to themselves in the corner it was the best outcome I'd ever had.

On Wednesday  Me and jessica grabbed some bean bags and headed over to the deck after grabbing
 a small group of kids after reading the same book about 5 time (even though there was like 20 books)
after kids had came and gone for a bit it was nearing the end of lunch time and told the few kids that were still there that we had to start heading back.

Overall both times were really good and I the kids seemed to really like listening especially the ones that have just started school.

Juniors actives -merit badge (be a role model to the juniors)

Today while the years 7's were at camp  the year 8s  had to to teach the year 0 and 1  how to play some games  first we had to get into pairs and plan some actives for them me and warisha choose Trixie tag because not many kids would of heard of it and was easy to explain and organised
after morning tea had finished we got straight into it going to the music room and got 3 or so kids for our group.
after sitting in a circle and introducing ourselves and your  favourite school subject. We quickly explained the rules.
after the game had started the kids seemed really into it apart from sometimes I had to remind them when to get up.
after that we had a complete new group and this time instead of just doing one game we did ball tag, sneek up granny and trixe tag.
this seemed to work better for the kids because they weren't getting bored of the same game.
overall it was a lot more fun thought then I thought 

Merit- Must do (helping out around the school)

Last week  I went to the library and someone hadn't came to libarren so I filled in with Emma and went to read to the juniors it was the fist time anybody had done it so we had to explain what was happening and grouped up three kids  who were happily listening to the 4 or 5 books we had after a while more kids had joined and had a whole bunch of kids listening. Five minutes till lunch ending we started packing up and heading back to the library.
Overall it was really fun and I was very pleased of how many kids came and can't wait to do it next time.

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Food Forest

Over the past two days while the year 7's have been at camp the year 8's have been working in the food forest and with the juniors.
We had to get in groups with six people and split into class or help in the food forest I had to help with food forest and had to get seedlings from the year 4's and putting them in envelopes after that half of the people had to weed while the half made a chicken coop.
some of our group even did the chop and drop.
Me and Honor did a lot of the finding easier shrubs to pull out and in the end we nearly had the whole trailer full.
Overall it was really fun and I'm really excited to work with the juniors