Tuesday, 31 March 2015


for PALS today we played bat down which  is like very like cricket. we were doing it for the karui team we got about 15-20 kids mainly in year 4 and 5.

 It was real fun and we all getting into it chucking the balls around and hitting them around.

Overall the kids seemed to really love getting out there and and playing  it!

junior ledership

Today at lunch I played with Isla's  buddy Hope and played whats the time mr wofie and duck duck Goose.

 I also played with this girl who wanted to race me  to the trees and things.

Overall I enjoyed playing with them and the kids did  too.

Monday, 23 March 2015

my goals 2015

How can I succeed these goals ?

1. For goal one which is  always complete SDL on time I could write down what days to do certain things
2.For goal 2 to get more involved I could instead of sitting around a t lunch maybe go play a tag game or something? or do more roles a  round the school

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

peer mediator

today at peer mediation we sorted out a few things the first one was this boy was chasing these 2 girls we found him and asked him why he was chasing the girls and he said cause  he wanted to play so they played with him
the next thing a girl wanted to play with her so we did till we had to swap over
last week on Wednesday I did PALS for the kakona ( bad spelling) we set up a game of touch cause that's what they wanted to do but it didn't really work cause we spent the whole time sorting out teams. so it did'n't really work but even though the kids played no games they at lest had something to do
overall we should set up more simple games like duck duck goose, whats the time Mr Wolfe etc:

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Augusts Birthday !

I woke up to the words "happy birthday" screamed at me I was 5 4 seemed so little now that I was 5   "open your presents" yelled my sister Via handing me a brightly wrapped present Whit a huge. Goofy smile I opend up all my presents.

From Via I got a star wars colouring book snd from mum and dad a couplr of stuff toys,some special gelpens and this is really big a DOG yes a real dog she was a gorgeous mix of brown "doggy" I yell I was so happy right now right now It didn't even mather about my face I was that happy.

Untill latter that day on that day I was playing round then I over heard mum and dad talking I didn't understand much but I heard litle bits like "he will get teased" "we can't let him" "what can we do " "we might home school him"thats when I came in "whats school " I asked confused Mum shook her head "not now please" mum pleaded 

The next day I saw  one of my friends going off in this green cheked costume as every one esle " what are you doing "I asked " going to school" he said  proudly. Everyone seemed to be going I thought as I went inside.

"mum I need to know what school is"I said sitting down on the bench " would you like an apple" mum asked ignoring my quesiton " I need to know" I said firmly . Mum put down the apple she was cuting she looked at me a bursted out crying " August the turth is I'm worried about you so I have decided you will be home schooled " she took a deep breth looking at me.

I spoke again "is it the same but no people " than I burst out crying the next day I relised mum had made the right desion 
I was now staring school, home school.

To use sentences and puntion in my wirting 

I got up to I can ad adjectives and explain why I added them