Thursday, 27 August 2015

Lauren's Speech

In this Speech I have used the techunique of looking up at the end of the sentence and using my volumes I need to work on slowing down and keeping pace

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Gold badge leadership- Peer mediator

Today at peer mediator  our whole group turned up through we had no problems  but it was still super fun cause heaps of younger kids came up and talked to us even after we'd gone they still wanted us to play with them.
other then that it was really good seeing all the kids in the junior block were so happy and having lots of fun at school !
Overall It was good to see that my whole group turned up can't wait to next time!!!!
By Lauren. 

Gold Badge leadership- Librarian

This week at librarian our whole group turned up and started to stack up the books on the shelf's after we'd done Jessica and Alicia  did the desk well I helped some kids find some books and making sure everyone was doing the right thing as the library was quite busy.
after the library close we put away a few books that the kids left lying around  and make sure no ones in the back.
Then Alicia goes back  after we've done to put the senior books away .
Overall it was really fun helping the kids choosing there books  and making sure everyone was happy and I can't wait to do it again.

By Lauren.

Gold Badge leadership -PALS

This week at PALS my group and I  played with some  orange elastic which you put around your ankle while the kids jump in and out putting the elastic higher up as they go.
Most kids in the junior area immediately   got straight into them having about 15-20 kids.
We taught them a routines called  in,out,on and by the time we'd finished the elastics were up to our knees!
Overall it was really fun making sure the kids were having g a great time and weren't bored and I hope to do the same next time.

By Lauren.

Gold badge leadership- I pods

MONDAY-  only 2 pods booked me,Zainab and Alicia did them at morning and afternoon

TUESDAY- All pods booked Abigail ,Zainab and Alicia all helped out morning and afternoon

WEDNESDAY- Two pods booked everyone helped in morning and in after noon only Zainab, Alicia and me helped due to koru game training  

THURSDAY- All pods booked  Zainab, Alicia and me helped morning and Abigail only helped in afternoon.

FRIDAY- Only one pod booked which Zainab and Alicia took in morning and me and Abi collected in afternoon .

Overall this week was pretty good with us getting everything ready before hand like sticky notes and cheeking there all charged properly.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015