Monday, 31 October 2016

Excellence must do - Kauri team event

Last week it was athletics.  Reia and myself had a huge role in the organisation as there are thousands of house points to give out for each event.As well as participating in the event. The
athletics ran  over two days  most events occurred in first day and second day it was mainly relays after we had done our events on the next Friday Reia and I spent the afternoon counting points. Overall it was a very successful day for myself and the houses.
The care value I showed was excellent because I tried my very best in all the events.
The leadership trait I showed was active thinking because I had to figure out how to calculate the points fast.

Excellence must do- Get involved

Today at lunch time instead of just going to the library or talking to friends I played capture the flag with Honor & Emma After we got split into teams it was game on for most of it I was on the options side  It was really fun and I even managed to get a flag across for my team (Rimu and Miro) Overall it was a really fun time and i definitely would do it again because s something i would not normally do:)
the care value I showed was community because I was fair and I helped other.
the leadership trait I showed relist because even though my team was losing I kept trying

Librarian Excellence

Today me Jessica and Emma went down to the juniors with some bean bags and books . Very Soon after i got there I had about 5 kids wanting to read a book after reading a few books to them Mrs Trotter came up to us with kid who had just started school and was crying and was missing her mum  and wanting to go home. We soon had her happily reading some books.(she especially liked the elephant one) Overall it was a really successful time leaving all kids smiling.
The care value I used was active thing because I thought quickly about solutions
The leadership trait I showed was resilient because I showed leadership in all aspects.