Sunday, 15 November 2015

grip ledership-karui event (GOLD)

On Thursday well the year 8 were in wellington we went GRIP leadership it was 45 min bus drive to get to the conference and we were a little bit late as it started what I learnt that you had be gerouurs with your time,treasure and talent(the three T's) and also you don't need a badge or a role to be a leader.
throughout the conference there was loud noises which happen for ten- fiffen a time doing fun games with crowd.
Overall I learnt  about being  a leader and the important skills you need.

Friday, 23 October 2015

Maths goal- generalise properties of multiplication and division with whole numbers (these website helped me learn how to do it)

Properties of multiplication:

Which property of multiplication is shown?

u · 0 = 0


The anwser is zero because...
There are four properties involving multiplication that will help make problems easier to solve. They are the commutative, associative, multiplicative identity and distributive properties.
Commutative property: When two numbers are multiplied together, the product is the same regardless of the order of the multiplicands. For example 4 * 2 = 2 * 4
Associative Property: When three or more numbers are multiplied, the product is the same regardless of the grouping of the factors. For example (2 * 3) * 4 = 2 * (3 * 4)
Multiplicative Identity Property: The product of any number and one is that number. For example 5 * 1 = 5.
Distributive property: The sum of two numbers times a third number is equal to the sum of each addend times the third number. For example 4 * (6 + 3) = 4*6 + 4*3

since it none of these it has to be zero :)

properties of adtition:

Which property of addition is shown?

(2 + 3) + 9 = 2 + (3 + 9)
  The answer is associate because....
  addition_properties-777-600x339.jpg (600×339)
As you can see associative is displayed with brackets and + making it easy to tell.
My next goal is to start working on my next goal and try to complete it.

Monday, 12 October 2015

Goals term 4 reflections

1. For goal one which is  always to complete  my SDL on time. Here is how and if I have been goinng throughout the year
I think I've completed this goal because I always compete goal before deadline and always do homework on time so I don't have to stay in

2.  get more involved 

I think I've completed this goal because at lunch I'm either on the basketball court or  playing with the little kids instead of just sitting around

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Maths prove it task

Tina and tom are twins.Tina saves and tom spends. tom found a $20 on Sunday evening and spent $2 day staring Monday coincidentally, Tina started work that Monday and got 2.50 a day how long would it be before Tina has more money then tom?
 how did I do it?
Monday - tom-$18 Tina- $2.50
Tuesday- tom- $16 Tina $5.00
Wendesday- tom-$14 Tina- $7.50
Thursady tom-$12 Tina -$10
Firday - tom- $10 Tina - $12.50

so the answer is five days before Tina has more money then tom.

My next step is to get a new goal. 

Friday, 18 September 2015

Koru games-gold must do

Over the last three day Oakland's year 7/8 went in a sport tournament called koru games and did these sports football,netball,basketball and touch.

I really enjoyed having Ashley as a coach because she was a professional I also enjoyed being in a real tournament and versing other schools.
 thinking back to the beginning of the year I really improved on controlling the ball because  at the start my feet as all over the place.
 MY goal for the next koru games would be to score a goal and my passing in defense

 by Lauren

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Writing Prove it - vocab

My goal was to use  better words not just simply  words  here  are examples from my writing :

Chasing - Hunting 
 Ignored- cold shoulder
Worry - stressing
Happy - joyful
Sad - bitter
kid- youngest
hard- tough
confused- baffled
My next step is  to pass the standard I'm aiming for.


Reading prove it-

Walt: use prefix to make a word
for an example;
kind - root word
sub,super ,under,non,dis,un - these are all prefixes 

now hear are some  of them both together
unkind   impossible
dislike       superhero\

My next step is to learn rhetorical  patterns

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Lauren's Speech

In this Speech I have used the techunique of looking up at the end of the sentence and using my volumes I need to work on slowing down and keeping pace

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Gold badge leadership- Peer mediator

Today at peer mediator  our whole group turned up through we had no problems  but it was still super fun cause heaps of younger kids came up and talked to us even after we'd gone they still wanted us to play with them.
other then that it was really good seeing all the kids in the junior block were so happy and having lots of fun at school !
Overall It was good to see that my whole group turned up can't wait to next time!!!!
By Lauren. 

Gold Badge leadership- Librarian

This week at librarian our whole group turned up and started to stack up the books on the shelf's after we'd done Jessica and Alicia  did the desk well I helped some kids find some books and making sure everyone was doing the right thing as the library was quite busy.
after the library close we put away a few books that the kids left lying around  and make sure no ones in the back.
Then Alicia goes back  after we've done to put the senior books away .
Overall it was really fun helping the kids choosing there books  and making sure everyone was happy and I can't wait to do it again.

By Lauren.

Gold Badge leadership -PALS

This week at PALS my group and I  played with some  orange elastic which you put around your ankle while the kids jump in and out putting the elastic higher up as they go.
Most kids in the junior area immediately   got straight into them having about 15-20 kids.
We taught them a routines called  in,out,on and by the time we'd finished the elastics were up to our knees!
Overall it was really fun making sure the kids were having g a great time and weren't bored and I hope to do the same next time.

By Lauren.

Gold badge leadership- I pods

MONDAY-  only 2 pods booked me,Zainab and Alicia did them at morning and afternoon

TUESDAY- All pods booked Abigail ,Zainab and Alicia all helped out morning and afternoon

WEDNESDAY- Two pods booked everyone helped in morning and in after noon only Zainab, Alicia and me helped due to koru game training  

THURSDAY- All pods booked  Zainab, Alicia and me helped morning and Abigail only helped in afternoon.

FRIDAY- Only one pod booked which Zainab and Alicia took in morning and me and Abi collected in afternoon .

Overall this week was pretty good with us getting everything ready before hand like sticky notes and cheeking there all charged properly.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

WALT: Describe 2D and 3D shapes in a geometric language.

WALT: Describe 2D and 3D shapes in a geometric language.
I made this video with Zainab showing the three steps of the goal which all I got 100% in IXL so that's why I think I made it to extended abstract because I can now teach it to someone else.


Goals 2015:)

1. For goal one which is  always to complete  my SDL on time. Here is how and if I have been going well on this goal.
I think I've completed this because I always do my homework and SDL before the due date.

2.For goal 2 to get more involved  instead of sitting around at lunch I could maybe go play a tag game or something? Or maybe do more roles  around the school. 

I think I have because instead of going to the library at lunch I go to see younger kids or do hand ball with my friends.

By Lauren. 

Reading goal-Term 2

WALT-analyse similarity/ difference of language /discourse within between texts

My next step is to focus more on being able to explain without hesitating.  
This is what I need to do:
Find a Analyse,Metaphor and connotative language.First of all I find this then I write what the text 
would be like if this was missing. Then I write the part function. This is easy and I know how to do it. My solo level is teacher directed. 
Here are the solo level.  

Here is my sheet. 

Friday, 3 July 2015

My discovery- whats the best place to go holiday?

have you ever wonderd whats the best place to go on holiday? well why don't you find out`

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Ideas writing prove it

for the few weeks I have been working on ideas using senses.
 I will show a few examples 
I quickly scribble down some ideas
I look around to see..
"HI" I yell to my friend 
I take a bite out of mum famous apple cake.
these are only few of the many senses hoped you liked:)

Friday, 19 June 2015

 Making inferences.
in this picture I amusing the PIE  meaning each text has one of these things either
lets look at these texts and decide which ones which.

When possums are playing ‘possum’, they are not “playing.” They actually pass out  from sheer terror.- inform
I presonally think that the big bad wolf shouldn't have n=gone to jail because for all we know he could have been coughing- Perssude

i live in a small town small life nice family its a boring life and I want more something exicting something more but that won't happen cause I;m stuck hear for life...-entertain

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Gold Badge evidence- I pods this week

I pods roster | week 8
Monday- All pods booked Abi, Zainab, Alicia and I did them morning and afternoon.

Tuesday- Abi, Zainab and Alicia did them in the  morning  and Abi, Zainab ,Alicia and I in the afternoon.

Wednesday-  All pods booked Abi, Zainab,  Alicia and I did them morning and afternoon.

Thursday-Abi, Zainab, Alicia and I did them morning and afternoon.

Friday-All pods booked  Abi, Zainab,  Alicia and I did them  in morning and afternoon since a pod was missing  but we soon found it in class that had not booked it.

I think I showed a lot of leadership this week by always setting up the sticky notes before hand and always turning up to my Duty.
By Lauren :)

Gold Badge evenice-Librarian

Today at Librarian (every even week)  Jessica, Alicia and I turned up to do our duty. We were there on time  and started putting books away before Miss ward had even got there!  Jessica  and I were on desk  this time while Alicia helped Miss Ward. It was quite busy so  Jessica and I  had quite a few customers and there was a long line because it was super busy! There was also quite a few returns too. We soon had to close at 20 past one it was quite hard to get everyone out but  we eventually did then we cleaned up a bit and put away a few books that were scattered on the floor!

Overall it was really fun  helping Miss Ward , she super pleased can't wait to next even week!

By Lauren:)

Gold Badge Evidence-PALS

Today at PALS  my group and I set up a game of ball and catch we had about 7-10 kids and we had about 4 or so balls after we'd got everyone ,we did some passing and shooting in the mini hoop with them. They were really getting involved even the teacher came and did few hoops and gave a few kids some pozis! Also at the very end we had a game were we sorted them in teams and made a quick game of basketball. Overall the kids seemed really happy that they'd learnt some new skills and can't wait to do it again.

By Lauren

Gold Badge Evidence-Techongly on bus (Must do)

Today at Tech on the bus on the way there I sat by Poppy and Jessie at the front of the bus we only talked quietly and it was hard to hear over the noise. On the way back I sat by Zainab and Alicia and sat at the very front and barley talked because of the noise we knew we'd have to shout to hear each other. I also showed leadership at tech science because I took part of the chewing gum test even through I didn't like gum and I also listened to teacher while others didn't.
Overall  I think that the whole year seven and eights should work on making the bus quiet but other then that it went pretty well for me.

By Lauren

Gold badge Evidence-Peer meditor

Today at peer  mediator my whole group turned up apart from Makayla who decided to not  turn up and knit in the library. It was a really quiet day after that and the only problem was that a whole group of boys were pushing the bake sale table off the deck into the garden. We solved this by telling  them to go over to the PALS game instead  and then we put the table back on the deck away from the garden. I showed leadership because Other than that we helped a few people on the playground doing a few minor problems. Overall me and my group were really pleased that everyone seemed to be having an awesome time and heaps of people at the PALS games.
By Lauren:)

Monday, 8 June 2015

Excellence Badge-PALS

Today at PALS  since there was no one on I decided to  set up a game of duck duck goose we had about 10 people so it was nice just having a small group to play with I think the kids also liked that as well.  Near the end I set up a game of What's the time Mr wofie even thorough we only we played for about 10-5 minutes.
Overall I really loved working with the kids and they seemed to really loved getting involved in it as well. I showed an lot of leadership today.
BY: Lauren

Sunday, 31 May 2015

PAL excellence badge

Today at PALS before 1.00 I started a game of duck duck Goose that didn't go so well with only 6 kids maybe when 1.00 hit the rest of my group I left them to play by them self's and joined the rest of my group who was playing soccer and already had 10 kids it was super fun and in the end we had this big kid vs. little kids game Which the kids seemed to really love overall I had an awesome time myself  and I'm pretty sure the kids did to! I showed an lot of leadership today.
By Lauren .

Peer Meditor- Excellence Badge

Today at peer mediator none of my group was here so I did it by myself  I  only has two problems which were simple to solve the first was about these two boys who were playing a game and the other accused him of cheating ,I solved this by telling them to split up or play a different game they decided to shake hands on it and forget about it. The next one was about four or five girls who were playing soccer until another girl came along wanting to play and only some wanted her to play well others didn't to solve this we had a vote if she should play or not and it was decided she wasn't to play.
overall I was really pleased how I solved the problems. I showed a lot of leadership.
By Lauren :)

Library this week excellence evidence

Today Alicia,Jessica and I did Library. First of all put some books away,then We scanned some books for people in the library. After we taped the start,end and middle of some books. Then we stamped Oakland school in them. After Mrs Ward put them through the computer  and we printed barcode stickers  out,to stick in them. We showed leadership by doing our Duty. 
By Lauren.  

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Emma and Lauren Maths

Career writing.

But to help me become a a cafe owner I will need to consider these subjects at high school. It's recommend to do cooking and nutter ion you need them for obvious resins like for cooking you need to cook and bake to make a good cafe and for nutrition you need a safe place for people to eat. So it's highly recommend.

How I used Ideas?
key. yellow
I used it cause instead of saying.
so I recommend it  I said its 

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Monday, 25 May 2015

Goals reflection

A few weeks ago I set my self these goals.

-complete SDL on time
-Get involved 
I think. That I have paste these because evevry week this year I've done my SDL and home work and are always foing my discorvery
This year also I have been Getting more involed cause instead of just stting around chatting I have been playing tag and doing things like PALS and peer meditor.
So I think I can move on to another goal.😄

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Help out around the school - Excellence Badge

Today since everyone was at winter sport me and a few friends did library it  was not that busy today so We put the books away and helped Mrs Ward with scanning books ETC. We also helped people in the library with where books are Etc.  It was really fun to help out around the school and show leadership for the people at winter sport. 
By Lauren. 

PALS- Excellence Badge

Today I helped Alicia with PALS her and the group stared playing paper sissores rock but that didn't well and we only had three kids so we decided to do duck duck goose. This went much better and we had about 20 or so kids the kids seemed to have a real awesome time and we did this for 15 minutes before we had to pack up. Overall I loved watching the kids having a real awesome and personally i had great fun too.I showed an lot of leadership by helping Alicia's group out.
By Lauren:)

Excellence badge- peer mediator

Today at  peer mediator the roster had changed again! I am now with Makayla and Joe.
Anyway at peer mediator we only had one problem which was a boy had squirted milk at another boy  how we solved this was we asked him why he did this and told him to say sorry. Other then that we just played with the little kids and made sure every thing was going smoothly. Overall I was really happy we only had  a minor thing which is good and I can't wait to next time. I showed an lot of leadership!
By Lauren.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

maths goal...

diving decimals!!
<iframe src="" width="578" height="433" frameborder="0"></iframe>

Librarian-Excellenc badge

Today Zainab,Alicia and I Helped out around the school because, Everyone was at winter sports,So We filled in,First we stacked books on the selves,than we scanned some books which was ,Helpful for Mrs Ward ,we also showed leadership by doing the job or there would be No one to help out. 
By Lauren Close. 

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

PALS- Excellence badge

Today at lunch since nobody had tuned up at pals me and a few friends did it. we stared up a game of duck duck goose we only stared with about 6 people bu by the end of it we had about  20 people.through after a bit a couple of kids got bored so we set up a game of whats the time Mr wolfie as well as duck duck goose. overall it was really fun and I really enjoyed it. I showed an lot of leadership today!
By Lauren:)

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Excellence Badge- librarian

Today at librarian  Alicia  and I helped around the back making putting the book in the right order and setting it up and storing things away. Zainab also helped out a bit ,since it was raining and she could not do peer mediator . The library is staring to look really good now. Other then that we helped put the books away and a few other things.
Overall I was really pleased with what we'd done and can't wait for next time. I showed an lot of leadership!
By Lauren :)

Excellence Badge- Peer mediator

Today at peer meditor my group had changed I am now with Emma H and Grace instead of Emma hill and Joe. Anyway we had only a few problems the first one was this Nymid had done something but by the time we got over there it was sorted out. The other one wasn't really a problem it just this girl was crying so we took her to a teacher. Overall I'm really pleased with my new group and thought that even through we didn't really solve anything at least we knew that every thing was going good. I showed an lot of leadership !
By Lauren :)

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Excellence badge- Tech on bus

Today at Technology on the bus on the way there I Sat in a three with Jessie and Alicia to me I found it very noisy, well I just talked to Jessie quietly. the way back was very much the same expect I sat with different people and didn't talk much.I think that overall the year 7 and 8 should try harder to not make the bus as noisy as it was.I really hope that next time its better and less noisy. I showed leadership by helping out and not yelling and talking!
By Lauren!

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Exllence badge- Get involved

Today I got involved in  winter sport. I am in a team of 20-30 people and we are doing hockey for 3 weeks then we will move on to another sport.
Today  for the first week we had Miss Turner we played a few games to warm up then we learnt how to hold a hockey stick properly  then we got into partners and dribbled a ball to one another and after if you mastered that you hit the ball to each other.
Overall it was really fun and I can't wait to next time when we get to play a proper game!
I showed an lot of leadership!

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Excellence Badge- Librarian

Today at Librarian  while Alicia and Zainab were at the desk me and Jessie helped miss ward in the back by  putting box's into storage  in different places so we had a clear place   we also helped rearrange a few books and put out a few books on the shelf.
After we helped Zainab and Alicia put away the books and a bit at the desk.
Overall I think it was pretty good and Mrs ward was  pleased with our work out the back.
I showed an lot of leadership !

Excellence badge- peer meditor

Today at peer mediator everyone turned up thorough  we didn't solve any problems instead we helped people. Like we helped a girl find a friend and play with her and to another girl we watched her do tricks on playground  after peer mediator I stayed back with the little kids till the rest of lunch most of my group did the same.
Overall even through we didn't exactly have any problems we did help a few people which  pleased them so I at lest felt I was doing something.
I showed an lot of leadership!
BY: Lauren:)

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Excellence badge- Kauir team events

Cross country
Today at Cross Country we walked down to the haswell domain and had our races
I was racing with year 7 and 8 and we did a 3k race.
I was pretty tried by the end of it and was really puffed.
overall I was really glad I tried and prod since I did  a much longer race then last year.
I think I did really well!

By Lauren:)

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

My poem

Leaves fall crisp and golden all at one making a colorful delight.
Meanwhile the leaves till hanging on the branches swing and swirel trying to edge them selves of the branch's and be with the others.
 as they edge themselves off the branch the leaves now are falling 100s a mintues.
the glow growing bigger on the ground.
Autumn is here! 


Junior leadership- Excellence badge

Today me and a few people set up a game of whats the time Mr woftie with about 3 kids.
they seemed to really enjoy themselves till the end of lunch.
Also the other day me and a few of my  friends helped a Junior find a friend who had ran away
we helped her by taking her to another junior and we played this game with them to bell.
overall both of the kids seemed really happy.
by Lauren

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Lauren and Honor Te Reo


Today at Pals I set up a game of sneak up granny until the rest of the people came when they did we let them play it by themselves.
With the rest of my group we set up a game of soccer we had about 15-20 kids all having an awesome time. in the end the score was 3-4 and we then gave pozis to the kids that won and a few others.
Overall I was really happy cause I had set up 2 games that both had a real awesome time.

Friday, 24 April 2015

Peer meditor

Today at peer mediator we had only one problems the first one was these boys
were pulling her hairs and the girl was mad. it took us a little to find everybody once we did we got all there sides of story and then  asked for there idea of a solution. they had no idea so we gave them an idea to spilt up. they agreed by shaking hands and going separate ways.
I was really happy about how it went.

Ledership- Help out around the school

Today at lunch when I went to go to library all the people that were meant to be on libaren  weren't there. So me, Zainab and Alicia did it.
by putting the books away and issuing the books.
Overall miss Ward was really happy  we could help. I was also happy I could help.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Ledership Goal

my Ledership goal for this term is.........

*is to get my Merit badge 

 how am I a going to Achive this?

 I am going to plan what I do each week 
Week 1:  PAL'S and help around school
Week 2:  help in junior area and library


Thursday, 2 April 2015

this is my art
I Think I got to relational  (I use several elements on my self portrait but i am not sure when and or why i use them)

Wednesday, 1 April 2015


Today at lunch time since it was week 9 and no one was on PALS me,Zainab and Alicia volunteer to do it in the end we got about 25-30 kids all wanting to do different things in the end we spilt them up in 2  groups I took a group with about 10 people doing duck duck goose well the others group did sneak up granny. My group seemed to have a real AWESOME and I had a great time too. 


Last week at Peer medetior we solved a few problems but before we could fish them they ran away. One them was this boy had kicked to girls we told them to take it to Juty teacher as it someone got hurt. We also had to tell a few kids off for being behind room 23 and 22 
Over all thee wasn't too much things to solve and all kids seemed happy in the playground 

Tuesday, 31 March 2015


for PALS today we played bat down which  is like very like cricket. we were doing it for the karui team we got about 15-20 kids mainly in year 4 and 5.

 It was real fun and we all getting into it chucking the balls around and hitting them around.

Overall the kids seemed to really love getting out there and and playing  it!

junior ledership

Today at lunch I played with Isla's  buddy Hope and played whats the time mr wofie and duck duck Goose.

 I also played with this girl who wanted to race me  to the trees and things.

Overall I enjoyed playing with them and the kids did  too.

Monday, 23 March 2015

my goals 2015

How can I succeed these goals ?

1. For goal one which is  always complete SDL on time I could write down what days to do certain things
2.For goal 2 to get more involved I could instead of sitting around a t lunch maybe go play a tag game or something? or do more roles a  round the school

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

peer mediator

today at peer mediation we sorted out a few things the first one was this boy was chasing these 2 girls we found him and asked him why he was chasing the girls and he said cause  he wanted to play so they played with him
the next thing a girl wanted to play with her so we did till we had to swap over
last week on Wednesday I did PALS for the kakona ( bad spelling) we set up a game of touch cause that's what they wanted to do but it didn't really work cause we spent the whole time sorting out teams. so it did'n't really work but even though the kids played no games they at lest had something to do
overall we should set up more simple games like duck duck goose, whats the time Mr Wolfe etc:

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Augusts Birthday !

I woke up to the words "happy birthday" screamed at me I was 5 4 seemed so little now that I was 5   "open your presents" yelled my sister Via handing me a brightly wrapped present Whit a huge. Goofy smile I opend up all my presents.

From Via I got a star wars colouring book snd from mum and dad a couplr of stuff toys,some special gelpens and this is really big a DOG yes a real dog she was a gorgeous mix of brown "doggy" I yell I was so happy right now right now It didn't even mather about my face I was that happy.

Untill latter that day on that day I was playing round then I over heard mum and dad talking I didn't understand much but I heard litle bits like "he will get teased" "we can't let him" "what can we do " "we might home school him"thats when I came in "whats school " I asked confused Mum shook her head "not now please" mum pleaded 

The next day I saw  one of my friends going off in this green cheked costume as every one esle " what are you doing "I asked " going to school" he said  proudly. Everyone seemed to be going I thought as I went inside.

"mum I need to know what school is"I said sitting down on the bench " would you like an apple" mum asked ignoring my quesiton " I need to know" I said firmly . Mum put down the apple she was cuting she looked at me a bursted out crying " August the turth is I'm worried about you so I have decided you will be home schooled " she took a deep breth looking at me.

I spoke again "is it the same but no people " than I burst out crying the next day I relised mum had made the right desion 
I was now staring school, home school.

To use sentences and puntion in my wirting 

I got up to I can ad adjectives and explain why I added them

Friday, 27 February 2015

peer meditior

today in peer meditator we were walking around the junior  area and we had absolutely no problems it seemed to me every one was getting on fine other than that I got there on time    and so did all my group and we were able to change over fine

getting involed

today at lunch me and about half the class had an epic game of tag called gang up what you do is you star with one person in than when they tag some they are both in and so on until everyone is in
in the end it was so fun having about 6 rounds and overall I usually don't do those sorts of thing but it was really fun and would like to do it again :)

Friday, 20 February 2015

on the bus

at techongly  this week on the bus I talked quietly to the person beside me but at some points of the trip I could barley here her  since of the Nosie so this week I think I did a good job and sticked  to the rules  and I hope next week will be quieter

peer mediation

On Thursday I  did peer mediation  with Emma and Joe we sorted out  a few  things the first one we solved was with 2 girls and they were argument 1 girl wanted to play with the other cause she said yesterday she would   but the other one wanted to play with her other friend. Our solution to this was we would come just before we finished Juty  and tell them to swap after 10 minutes our other one  about a group who said that he could not play cause he had not been there when   they did black foot
but when we came over they said they would let them play

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

PALS leadership

Last week in PALS me and my group set up a game of  duck duck goose  with the kakono team we got about 15 people that seeming to have a great time.

some other year 7 and 8 helped out to  with was also great . Overall  I was really proud to be there in my orange jacket  helping out 

leadership Evidence

Last week at the house points game  I was a helper to room 19  and I had a small group with Zainab and we did all the things them like carry them with water to put in basket , helping them with the egg and spoon race and do the courses with them.

Overall I had a really fun day helping the younger kids out  and I really hope they had fun to.