Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Maths prove it task

Tina and tom are twins.Tina saves and tom spends. tom found a $20 on Sunday evening and spent $2 day staring Monday coincidentally, Tina started work that Monday and got 2.50 a day how long would it be before Tina has more money then tom?
 how did I do it?
Monday - tom-$18 Tina- $2.50
Tuesday- tom- $16 Tina $5.00
Wendesday- tom-$14 Tina- $7.50
Thursady tom-$12 Tina -$10
Firday - tom- $10 Tina - $12.50

so the answer is five days before Tina has more money then tom.

My next step is to get a new goal. 

Friday, 18 September 2015

Koru games-gold must do

Over the last three day Oakland's year 7/8 went in a sport tournament called koru games and did these sports football,netball,basketball and touch.

I really enjoyed having Ashley as a coach because she was a professional I also enjoyed being in a real tournament and versing other schools.
 thinking back to the beginning of the year I really improved on controlling the ball because  at the start my feet as all over the place.
 MY goal for the next koru games would be to score a goal and my passing in defense

 by Lauren

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Writing Prove it - vocab

My goal was to use  better words not just simply  words  here  are examples from my writing :

Chasing - Hunting 
 Ignored- cold shoulder
Worry - stressing
Happy - joyful
Sad - bitter
kid- youngest
hard- tough
confused- baffled
My next step is  to pass the standard I'm aiming for.


Reading prove it-

Walt: use prefix to make a word
for an example;
kind - root word
sub,super ,under,non,dis,un - these are all prefixes 

now hear are some  of them both together
unkind   impossible
dislike       superhero\

My next step is to learn rhetorical  patterns