Sunday, 31 May 2015

PAL excellence badge

Today at PALS before 1.00 I started a game of duck duck Goose that didn't go so well with only 6 kids maybe when 1.00 hit the rest of my group I left them to play by them self's and joined the rest of my group who was playing soccer and already had 10 kids it was super fun and in the end we had this big kid vs. little kids game Which the kids seemed to really love overall I had an awesome time myself  and I'm pretty sure the kids did to! I showed an lot of leadership today.
By Lauren .

Peer Meditor- Excellence Badge

Today at peer mediator none of my group was here so I did it by myself  I  only has two problems which were simple to solve the first was about these two boys who were playing a game and the other accused him of cheating ,I solved this by telling them to split up or play a different game they decided to shake hands on it and forget about it. The next one was about four or five girls who were playing soccer until another girl came along wanting to play and only some wanted her to play well others didn't to solve this we had a vote if she should play or not and it was decided she wasn't to play.
overall I was really pleased how I solved the problems. I showed a lot of leadership.
By Lauren :)

Library this week excellence evidence

Today Alicia,Jessica and I did Library. First of all put some books away,then We scanned some books for people in the library. After we taped the start,end and middle of some books. Then we stamped Oakland school in them. After Mrs Ward put them through the computer  and we printed barcode stickers  out,to stick in them. We showed leadership by doing our Duty. 
By Lauren.  

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Emma and Lauren Maths

Career writing.

But to help me become a a cafe owner I will need to consider these subjects at high school. It's recommend to do cooking and nutter ion you need them for obvious resins like for cooking you need to cook and bake to make a good cafe and for nutrition you need a safe place for people to eat. So it's highly recommend.

How I used Ideas?
key. yellow
I used it cause instead of saying.
so I recommend it  I said its 

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Monday, 25 May 2015

Goals reflection

A few weeks ago I set my self these goals.

-complete SDL on time
-Get involved 
I think. That I have paste these because evevry week this year I've done my SDL and home work and are always foing my discorvery
This year also I have been Getting more involed cause instead of just stting around chatting I have been playing tag and doing things like PALS and peer meditor.
So I think I can move on to another goal.😄

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Help out around the school - Excellence Badge

Today since everyone was at winter sport me and a few friends did library it  was not that busy today so We put the books away and helped Mrs Ward with scanning books ETC. We also helped people in the library with where books are Etc.  It was really fun to help out around the school and show leadership for the people at winter sport. 
By Lauren. 

PALS- Excellence Badge

Today I helped Alicia with PALS her and the group stared playing paper sissores rock but that didn't well and we only had three kids so we decided to do duck duck goose. This went much better and we had about 20 or so kids the kids seemed to have a real awesome time and we did this for 15 minutes before we had to pack up. Overall I loved watching the kids having a real awesome and personally i had great fun too.I showed an lot of leadership by helping Alicia's group out.
By Lauren:)

Excellence badge- peer mediator

Today at  peer mediator the roster had changed again! I am now with Makayla and Joe.
Anyway at peer mediator we only had one problem which was a boy had squirted milk at another boy  how we solved this was we asked him why he did this and told him to say sorry. Other then that we just played with the little kids and made sure every thing was going smoothly. Overall I was really happy we only had  a minor thing which is good and I can't wait to next time. I showed an lot of leadership!
By Lauren.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

maths goal...

diving decimals!!
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Librarian-Excellenc badge

Today Zainab,Alicia and I Helped out around the school because, Everyone was at winter sports,So We filled in,First we stacked books on the selves,than we scanned some books which was ,Helpful for Mrs Ward ,we also showed leadership by doing the job or there would be No one to help out. 
By Lauren Close. 

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

PALS- Excellence badge

Today at lunch since nobody had tuned up at pals me and a few friends did it. we stared up a game of duck duck goose we only stared with about 6 people bu by the end of it we had about  20 people.through after a bit a couple of kids got bored so we set up a game of whats the time Mr wolfie as well as duck duck goose. overall it was really fun and I really enjoyed it. I showed an lot of leadership today!
By Lauren:)

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Excellence Badge- librarian

Today at librarian  Alicia  and I helped around the back making putting the book in the right order and setting it up and storing things away. Zainab also helped out a bit ,since it was raining and she could not do peer mediator . The library is staring to look really good now. Other then that we helped put the books away and a few other things.
Overall I was really pleased with what we'd done and can't wait for next time. I showed an lot of leadership!
By Lauren :)

Excellence Badge- Peer mediator

Today at peer meditor my group had changed I am now with Emma H and Grace instead of Emma hill and Joe. Anyway we had only a few problems the first one was this Nymid had done something but by the time we got over there it was sorted out. The other one wasn't really a problem it just this girl was crying so we took her to a teacher. Overall I'm really pleased with my new group and thought that even through we didn't really solve anything at least we knew that every thing was going good. I showed an lot of leadership !
By Lauren :)

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Excellence badge- Tech on bus

Today at Technology on the bus on the way there I Sat in a three with Jessie and Alicia to me I found it very noisy, well I just talked to Jessie quietly. the way back was very much the same expect I sat with different people and didn't talk much.I think that overall the year 7 and 8 should try harder to not make the bus as noisy as it was.I really hope that next time its better and less noisy. I showed leadership by helping out and not yelling and talking!
By Lauren!

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Exllence badge- Get involved

Today I got involved in  winter sport. I am in a team of 20-30 people and we are doing hockey for 3 weeks then we will move on to another sport.
Today  for the first week we had Miss Turner we played a few games to warm up then we learnt how to hold a hockey stick properly  then we got into partners and dribbled a ball to one another and after if you mastered that you hit the ball to each other.
Overall it was really fun and I can't wait to next time when we get to play a proper game!
I showed an lot of leadership!

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Excellence Badge- Librarian

Today at Librarian  while Alicia and Zainab were at the desk me and Jessie helped miss ward in the back by  putting box's into storage  in different places so we had a clear place   we also helped rearrange a few books and put out a few books on the shelf.
After we helped Zainab and Alicia put away the books and a bit at the desk.
Overall I think it was pretty good and Mrs ward was  pleased with our work out the back.
I showed an lot of leadership !

Excellence badge- peer meditor

Today at peer mediator everyone turned up thorough  we didn't solve any problems instead we helped people. Like we helped a girl find a friend and play with her and to another girl we watched her do tricks on playground  after peer mediator I stayed back with the little kids till the rest of lunch most of my group did the same.
Overall even through we didn't exactly have any problems we did help a few people which  pleased them so I at lest felt I was doing something.
I showed an lot of leadership!
BY: Lauren:)

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Excellence badge- Kauir team events

Cross country
Today at Cross Country we walked down to the haswell domain and had our races
I was racing with year 7 and 8 and we did a 3k race.
I was pretty tried by the end of it and was really puffed.
overall I was really glad I tried and prod since I did  a much longer race then last year.
I think I did really well!

By Lauren:)

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

My poem

Leaves fall crisp and golden all at one making a colorful delight.
Meanwhile the leaves till hanging on the branches swing and swirel trying to edge them selves of the branch's and be with the others.
 as they edge themselves off the branch the leaves now are falling 100s a mintues.
the glow growing bigger on the ground.
Autumn is here! 


Junior leadership- Excellence badge

Today me and a few people set up a game of whats the time Mr woftie with about 3 kids.
they seemed to really enjoy themselves till the end of lunch.
Also the other day me and a few of my  friends helped a Junior find a friend who had ran away
we helped her by taking her to another junior and we played this game with them to bell.
overall both of the kids seemed really happy.
by Lauren