Friday, 19 June 2015

 Making inferences.
in this picture I amusing the PIE  meaning each text has one of these things either
lets look at these texts and decide which ones which.

When possums are playing ‘possum’, they are not “playing.” They actually pass out  from sheer terror.- inform
I presonally think that the big bad wolf shouldn't have n=gone to jail because for all we know he could have been coughing- Perssude

i live in a small town small life nice family its a boring life and I want more something exicting something more but that won't happen cause I;m stuck hear for life...-entertain

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Gold Badge evidence- I pods this week

I pods roster | week 8
Monday- All pods booked Abi, Zainab, Alicia and I did them morning and afternoon.

Tuesday- Abi, Zainab and Alicia did them in the  morning  and Abi, Zainab ,Alicia and I in the afternoon.

Wednesday-  All pods booked Abi, Zainab,  Alicia and I did them morning and afternoon.

Thursday-Abi, Zainab, Alicia and I did them morning and afternoon.

Friday-All pods booked  Abi, Zainab,  Alicia and I did them  in morning and afternoon since a pod was missing  but we soon found it in class that had not booked it.

I think I showed a lot of leadership this week by always setting up the sticky notes before hand and always turning up to my Duty.
By Lauren :)

Gold Badge evenice-Librarian

Today at Librarian (every even week)  Jessica, Alicia and I turned up to do our duty. We were there on time  and started putting books away before Miss ward had even got there!  Jessica  and I were on desk  this time while Alicia helped Miss Ward. It was quite busy so  Jessica and I  had quite a few customers and there was a long line because it was super busy! There was also quite a few returns too. We soon had to close at 20 past one it was quite hard to get everyone out but  we eventually did then we cleaned up a bit and put away a few books that were scattered on the floor!

Overall it was really fun  helping Miss Ward , she super pleased can't wait to next even week!

By Lauren:)

Gold Badge Evidence-PALS

Today at PALS  my group and I set up a game of ball and catch we had about 7-10 kids and we had about 4 or so balls after we'd got everyone ,we did some passing and shooting in the mini hoop with them. They were really getting involved even the teacher came and did few hoops and gave a few kids some pozis! Also at the very end we had a game were we sorted them in teams and made a quick game of basketball. Overall the kids seemed really happy that they'd learnt some new skills and can't wait to do it again.

By Lauren

Gold Badge Evidence-Techongly on bus (Must do)

Today at Tech on the bus on the way there I sat by Poppy and Jessie at the front of the bus we only talked quietly and it was hard to hear over the noise. On the way back I sat by Zainab and Alicia and sat at the very front and barley talked because of the noise we knew we'd have to shout to hear each other. I also showed leadership at tech science because I took part of the chewing gum test even through I didn't like gum and I also listened to teacher while others didn't.
Overall  I think that the whole year seven and eights should work on making the bus quiet but other then that it went pretty well for me.

By Lauren

Gold badge Evidence-Peer meditor

Today at peer  mediator my whole group turned up apart from Makayla who decided to not  turn up and knit in the library. It was a really quiet day after that and the only problem was that a whole group of boys were pushing the bake sale table off the deck into the garden. We solved this by telling  them to go over to the PALS game instead  and then we put the table back on the deck away from the garden. I showed leadership because Other than that we helped a few people on the playground doing a few minor problems. Overall me and my group were really pleased that everyone seemed to be having an awesome time and heaps of people at the PALS games.
By Lauren:)

Monday, 8 June 2015

Excellence Badge-PALS

Today at PALS  since there was no one on I decided to  set up a game of duck duck goose we had about 10 people so it was nice just having a small group to play with I think the kids also liked that as well.  Near the end I set up a game of What's the time Mr wofie even thorough we only we played for about 10-5 minutes.
Overall I really loved working with the kids and they seemed to really loved getting involved in it as well. I showed an lot of leadership today.
BY: Lauren