Thursday, 12 March 2015

Augusts Birthday !

I woke up to the words "happy birthday" screamed at me I was 5 4 seemed so little now that I was 5   "open your presents" yelled my sister Via handing me a brightly wrapped present Whit a huge. Goofy smile I opend up all my presents.

From Via I got a star wars colouring book snd from mum and dad a couplr of stuff toys,some special gelpens and this is really big a DOG yes a real dog she was a gorgeous mix of brown "doggy" I yell I was so happy right now right now It didn't even mather about my face I was that happy.

Untill latter that day on that day I was playing round then I over heard mum and dad talking I didn't understand much but I heard litle bits like "he will get teased" "we can't let him" "what can we do " "we might home school him"thats when I came in "whats school " I asked confused Mum shook her head "not now please" mum pleaded 

The next day I saw  one of my friends going off in this green cheked costume as every one esle " what are you doing "I asked " going to school" he said  proudly. Everyone seemed to be going I thought as I went inside.

"mum I need to know what school is"I said sitting down on the bench " would you like an apple" mum asked ignoring my quesiton " I need to know" I said firmly . Mum put down the apple she was cuting she looked at me a bursted out crying " August the turth is I'm worried about you so I have decided you will be home schooled " she took a deep breth looking at me.

I spoke again "is it the same but no people " than I burst out crying the next day I relised mum had made the right desion 
I was now staring school, home school.

To use sentences and puntion in my wirting 

I got up to I can ad adjectives and explain why I added them

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