Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Maths prove it task

Tina and tom are twins.Tina saves and tom spends. tom found a $20 on Sunday evening and spent $2 day staring Monday coincidentally, Tina started work that Monday and got 2.50 a day how long would it be before Tina has more money then tom?
 how did I do it?
Monday - tom-$18 Tina- $2.50
Tuesday- tom- $16 Tina $5.00
Wendesday- tom-$14 Tina- $7.50
Thursady tom-$12 Tina -$10
Firday - tom- $10 Tina - $12.50

so the answer is five days before Tina has more money then tom.

My next step is to get a new goal. 

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  1. Great job Lauren. I like how you explained how you figured it out. I think that your next step would be to include capital letters where they are needed because when there's a new sentence sometimes you forget and also you remembered capital for Tina but not Tom!