Sunday, 6 April 2014


good friends together
Lately we have been learning about friendship by, Harold (life ed),friendship spider web, camp(working together) ,wanted poster and many more and to top this off we are going to show how we have learnt this to show this we could make a poster, do a video of it ,write letter and things like that ....
and this is my challenge..

A good friend is an important thing to have its good to know what a good friend should  be like
and maybe your being a bad friend   yourself!       
good buds
what quality's you should have if your a good friend

honest-never lies to you
loyal-stands up for you
listens-listens carefully well your talking to them
encouraging-cheers you on and supports you
trustworthy-you can trust them with a big secret
helpful-helps you when you need it
caring-fits in every box!

good friends keep no secrets from you!
be carful when you chose friends!
think about how ther feeling when you talk to them!

try not to show your jealous of them
make sure they're not feeling left out
by Lauren
try to be a good friiend!


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