Thursday, 10 March 2016

Juniors actives -merit badge (be a role model to the juniors)

Today while the years 7's were at camp  the year 8s  had to to teach the year 0 and 1  how to play some games  first we had to get into pairs and plan some actives for them me and warisha choose Trixie tag because not many kids would of heard of it and was easy to explain and organised
after morning tea had finished we got straight into it going to the music room and got 3 or so kids for our group.
after sitting in a circle and introducing ourselves and your  favourite school subject. We quickly explained the rules.
after the game had started the kids seemed really into it apart from sometimes I had to remind them when to get up.
after that we had a complete new group and this time instead of just doing one game we did ball tag, sneek up granny and trixe tag.
this seemed to work better for the kids because they weren't getting bored of the same game.
overall it was a lot more fun thought then I thought 

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