Thursday, 10 March 2016

Libarren- Can do merit

On Tuesday Xathe didn't turn up so I filled in for her with Emma shelving some books then going down to the juniors to read we had quite a good outcome with about 10-15 kids split between us and about another 5 just reading to themselves in the corner it was the best outcome I'd ever had.

On Wednesday  Me and jessica grabbed some bean bags and headed over to the deck after grabbing
 a small group of kids after reading the same book about 5 time (even though there was like 20 books)
after kids had came and gone for a bit it was nearing the end of lunch time and told the few kids that were still there that we had to start heading back.

Overall both times were really good and I the kids seemed to really like listening especially the ones that have just started school.

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