Saturday, 3 December 2016

Excellence Leadership

As next week is the last week for House Points I am going to share what I am most likely going to write in the yearbook.Favourite moment? Was probably on of the third of fourth time I presented in assembly and i hadn't mucked up my word I hadn't got my hand gestures wrong I had gotten everything perfect.Hardest challenge? One of the big day like run,bike,run,Cross country ect; This was because i had to be in my own race and keep control of house point. I'm not much of multi-task person but I think I did pretty well.Proudest moment?This sounds simple but just purely being know and recognized around the school,Just really people knowing my name and recognizing me.
Overall it really has been a great year and I cant wait to I can look back at the times I was a leader at Oakland.
How I showed leadership was by taking the most out of my experience at Oakland.The care value I showed was  Excellence by really giving my best shot at everything .

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