Sunday, 20 November 2016

Excellence Leadership

This week the leaders ran assembly so for our meeting we were handing out roles and scripts.Other then that we have had no  real meeting.Later that week on Friday Reia and I  did house points going around the school tallying points.This week I was kauri. There were a bit more points then usual most likely due to everyone getting points nearing the end of the term.after all that here are the final points
Fourth place on 1830  is  Rimu
In Third place on 2073 Kowhai
In  second place on 2171 Miro
In first place on 2343 Rata
How I showed  leadership was moving around the school quickly and i made sure not to cause to much disruption.The CARE Value I showed  respect because I made sure i was respectful to all classrooms that I went in.
In first place on 2343

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