Saturday, 26 November 2016

Excellence Leadership

Since We have not had a leadership meeting in ages I am going to do a Review of how I have enjoyed it and what I have done.All the way back at the start of the year we told to read a book about leaders,How you could become a better leader and how you could be a role model.I think this book really helped me grow as a leader.I have used many of the tips without realizing it.Some of the best tips that have really helped me was 'Leadership Is So Much Bigger Than Simply Representing The School At Various Events' and also  make sure you are serious but also Fun. I think those are really important and I hope next years leader will take that on as well.
How Is showed leadership was by taking on what the book said and trying new things.The Care value I showed was Excellence as I did my very best in everything that came my way.

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