Sunday, 6 November 2016

Excellence must do- Tech on the bus

Today it was Technology I think the bus drive went good because I was sitting next to Emma and we were only talking to each other even though Jessica was right in front of us. At technology it self we had a new rotation Mine was sewing/design we basically just went through sheets and trying to think of a problem and how to solve it Emma and I came up with when we are reading or going on our device our neck hurts from bending down and hurts our back so we are making a neck pillow. But before we can start it we ahve lots of planning to do and making of prototype. On the way home I sat with Emily and again we respected the rules of the bus.
The care value i showed was respect because I respected all the rules  and obeyed them.
The leadership trait I showed was active thinking because i made sure I followed all the rules

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