Saturday, 26 November 2016

Excellence leadership

Today due to it being pet day Reia and I couldn't do house points in the morning due to all the classes at the pet parade.That means Reia and i had to do it was in the afternoon.This week I was on kauri well Reia was on Kakno. It was fair to say there were less house points most likely because  it is nearly the end of term.
How I showed leadership was by doing the house points quickly So I could make up for time I missed in the morning. The care Value I showed was community by making sure I didn't disturb the classes.
After we had finished we dropped the poiz's at the office and i counted them up here are the final points..

1st Rata on 2569
2nd Miro on 2438
3rd kowhai on 2313
4th Rimu on 2067

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